How Do We Do It?

We asked ourselves 'What do Design Engineers absolutely have to have when choosing a supplier for their engineering sample run?"  We came up with the following 'must haves'.  And here they are:

aluminum sand castings.png
aluminum sand cast foundry.png
We offer all of the above...and more!

Remember, you will need a design review readying your files for good foundry practices, and for optimal machining as far as fixturing and datum points.  You will need a company familiar with tool design for the foundry, which includes gating, rigging, alloy choice for risers and sprue size and locations.  Depending upon the size and complexity of the casting, CNC machining capacities as far as vertical or horizontal machining centers need to be considered.  Also estimated annual usages when reaching maturity and production. Years of experience is a must as far as foundry and machining acumen.  


"There are not many companies that can offer this much combined experience to a design engineer, but finding one is worth it's weight in gold."


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