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Engineering Review in progress: Proir to releasing your files to our tool division.

Engineering.  Collaberation is the key!

In business since 1947, we have helped design thousands of aluminum castings, produced as many patterns and tools, and poured millions of pounds of aluminum sand castings. Establishing ourselves as leaders in the aluminum foundry business we quickly added machining.  At present, we have 3 foundries, and multiple machine shops.  319 aluminum, A356 T6 aluminum, iron and ductile, prototypes to engineering sample runs, on into high production, and offering many secondary finishes, we have rounded out our presence supplying machined castings to the world.

Solid model/CAD design came naturally to us.  Our core business often begins with engineering reviews and design.  Most times we can offer cost benefits by suggesting simple changes to cast features that usually lower foundry costs along with reducing machining cycle times.  



Our vision remains the same as it was in 1947.  "Excellence Trough Effort". 


We began as a small aluminum foundry offering sand castings to the Chicago metro area.  Now we supply certified components ready for assembly all across the United States and to several countries around the world. 

Quality parts to print, at a competitive price, on time, and uncompromising customer service.