Tooling Through Production. Since 1947.  Made in USA.

All Aluminum Alloys + Grey & Ductile Iron

Machining In House

Multiple Secondaries Available

Assembly Ready Sand Castings

Medical Grade Surface Finish.  Superior Cosmetics.

PPAP thru High Production

If you have a new casting design project and are looking for a single source American Foundry, you have come to the right place.  Our specialty is taking a new casting project, helping you prep your solid model files in order to be compatible with our foundry and machine shop, and supplying you with engineering samples all the way through to production.
We pour aluminum and iron sand castings in our multiple foundries.
Our machining divisions can handle very large aluminum castings or iron castings.  We have a combination of 20+ Vertical, Horizontal, and Lathe CNC machining centers.